Having decided where you want to cruise to, the style of cruise and cabin category that you wish to enjoy, the next step is to decide on a cruise line AND ship that best matches your needs.

We have created our own cruise line categories  – Luxury, Premium, Popular, Adventure and Small Ship.  In certain cases a particular cruise line exists in more than one category, as they may have differently styled ships and cruising options.


Indulgent, lavish, boutique and personalised.  This category has the highest staff to passenger ratio, ensuring the uppermost standards of service at all times throughout the ship.  Cruise inclusions may include open bar, butler service, speciality restaurants and shore excursions across all cabin grades.


This category generally contains the cruise lines with the largest fleets with upmarket service and facilities.  Entertainment options may include choices of quality show productions, night clubs, bars and restaurants.  Sporting, fitness and self-improvement classes, speciality and celebrity chef restaurants may also be available.


This category is the largest, most informal and family friendly of all having more quad-share and interconnecting rooms.  This category is also attractive to fun loving younger couples and multi-generational family and friends celebrations and reunions.  Many optional extras are available.

Adventure & Small Ship

Cruise lines in this category follow in the footsteps of the original explorers and due to their smaller size can venture into places that larger ships simply cannot.  Each cruise is a voyage of discovery all on its own and a chance to experience and learn about local cultures with guest speakers and shore excursions.  This category has the most range of cruise styles from the most luxurious sailing vessels to supply ships and scientific expedition vessels.