Holger Homann – BLT’s Director of Cruising recently was given the once in a life time opportunity to attend the christening of “MSC SEAVIEW”.

Here are some of Holger’s thoughts and photos!


Transfer from Genoa Airport was very easy. A personal Limo service organised by MSC who were waiting at the airport with a sign for us…..

Check in was very easy and fast……

As soon as we were on the ship we were to fend for ourselves, but it wasn’t too complicated to find our way to the Cabin…..

The Cabin itself looked great, nice decor!….. Clean and new of course.

Beds are a bit firm but it’s a personal choice.

Bathroom is very modern. We had a shower above bathtub, but other cabins had shower only.

The Balcony has a good size with 2 chairs and a small table.

The ship interior is stunning… it’s the WOW factor.


The Atrium the heart of the Ship is the meeting place with live music every day and night.

On day 1 we had the opportunity to see different room types and the Yacht Club which was another bonus.



The Christening started at 7.30pm and went on until around 10 pm.

It was very interesting. All what was spoken was in Italian but was translated into English via big screens, no problems catching up what was said.

The Show Time was the highlight, with amazing singers, and a guest surprise of Andre Borchellie’s son, who has the same great voice as his dad.

Everybody was excited to see the God mother “Sophia Loren” of MSC.

It was an unforgettable night… the Seaview and two other MSC ships around us. Fabulous……

After a late dinner we went outside as the fireworks were about to start and we danced the night away. We went to bed in the early hours of the morning…


The ship is just stunning. The decor and shape …very well chosen!!!!

Lots of places to sit outside while having something to eat, drink, read a book or just relax. During the whole trip there was not one day where we couldn’t find a seat straight away.

Lots of elevators, 8 at each lift tower.

Plenty of staircases including the Swarovski staircase in the heart of the ship for that perfect glamorous photo shot.


Public toilets have a generous size and were always very clean and high-tech.

Also the public areas were cleaned and polished and vacuumed all the time.

Washing basins in buffet areas are very handy.

Show time, great choice on Shows!!!!!! … Couldn’t be better. Out of 5 nights, 4 shows had standing ovations. As the show lounge is relatively small to fit all guest, there are 2-3 session each night.

You must pre book a time slot, however there are many large info panels distributed around the ship to pre book or find your way around the ship and a list of daily activities listed……

All Staff members seem to be very relaxed. A good thing for the passengers.

The Maitre D was very helpful and funny to everybody.. A great guy for the job.

We never had the feeling the ship was crowded as the interior walkways and passageways were very wide and many guest opted to walk outside the ship.

It was an amazing trip and we enjoyed it every day.