Explore the hidden gems of Asia

Asia is one of the most beautiful destinations to travel too in the world. Rich culture, delicious foods, and breathtaking scenery – it’s a place you can truly immerse yourself in. With so many bucket list sights to see, from the awe-inspiring Halong bay in Vietnam, Great Wall in China, stunning Taj Mahal in India, and beautiful Mekong river in Cambodia. It’s no wonder so many travel from across the world, just to see these phenomenal sights. However, there [...]

Top 5 Nairobi Sightseeing Tours

Nairobi, originally little more than a watering hole for Masai tribes in Kenya, became a substantial town by 1900 due to the building of the Mombasa to Uganda railway. In 1905 it succeeded Mombasa as the capital of the British protectorate. Today it is the largest city between Cairo and Johannesburg. With so much to see and do, the experts at Bench have compiled a list of our Top 5 Nairobi sightseeing tours to help you make the most of [...]

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