North America

The world’s third largest continent – North America has searing deserts, majestic glaciers, vibrant cities and sleepy little towns, theme parks aplenty, idyllic coastline and famous landmarks.

A trip to North America can be whatever you want to make it. With so much variety and so much on offer across the continent, there is something for every type of traveller, for every travel budget, and to suit every interest. From hiking through the Canadian wilderness, skiing the slopes of Vermont or surfing the waves in Hawaii, there are loads of action packed options for adventurous travellers.

Travellers can gaze at the breathtaking Canadian scenery from the iconic Rocky Mountaineer train, sail on a cruise ship up the West Coast, enjoy cruising on a steamboat along the Mississippi River, enjoy a Contiki tour, and so much more. Business and Leisure Travel can help you plan a North American holiday that is as easy as it is unforgettable – the hardest part for you will be choosing where you want to go!