BLT was very pleased to assist in the travel arrangements of this very successful exhibition in Switzerland.


Switzerland Exhibition at Museum “La grange”

Lockhart River Arts Centre is delighted to be included in the permanent Indigenous Australian art collection exhibition in Motiers in Switzerland. The exhibition was held at Fondation Burkhardt-Felder Museum “La grange” from 3 June to 28 October 2018. The exhibition title was “Islands in the Sea” and included significant Indigenous Australian arts from Lockhart River, Tiwi Island, Elcho Island, Mornington Island in the Gulf of Capentaria Queensland, Torres Strait Islands situated between Australia and Papua New Guinea, Daly River near Darwin and Pormpuraaw on the west coast of Cape York Queensland. This is the only Museum in Europe with an impressive collection of Indigenous Australian arts. There was previously a museum in Holland that collected Indigenous Australian arts however it closed due to funding challenges. Attending the exhibition opening are artists Silas Hobson and Irene Namok and Corporation Manager Enoch Perazim.

Lockhart River Arts Centre thanks Euan Hills of Art Mob Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery in Hobart Tasmania, Australia for establishing initial contact between the Art Centre and the Museum in early 2018 which has resulted in Lockhart River’s successful inclussion. Kudos to the museum founders, Theresa and Gerard Burkhardt and their support staff for an excellent and high quality exhibition program now in progress.

The 18th Century Barn of the Château d’Ivernois: Built in 1721, the barn (grange in French) is an annex of the Château d’Ivernois. Its new owner, the Burkhardt-Felder Foundation Arts and Culture spent four years restoring it. The building’s original structure was carefully maintained. One of its particularities is a beam of 18.22 meters, the longest found in the area of Neuchâtel.

Inaugurated in 2008, the museum, christened “La grange”, serves to accommodate and exhibit the Foundation’s Aboriginal art collection from Australia. This enchanting space is now filled with the mysteries and the spirituality that emanate from the works of contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists.


Swiss Alps


France’s eastern region

We ate and thoroughly enjoyed cheese fondue