Cruiseco is a buying group of specialist Retail Travel Agents. These agents specialise in promoting Cruise Holidays and are the benchmark of excellence in professional knowledge about holidays afloat.

Cruiseco Pty.Ltd. provides to your travel agent certain unique and exclusive holidays for promotion to you, their clients. It is one of these holidays that you have decided to buy, and this document is designed to clarify the conditions under which you have purchased this holiday.

Cruiseco Pty.Ltd. Is the owner of Discovery Travel Centre Pty Ltd, a licensed Travel Agency (NSW License 2TA001284) and a full member of the Travel Compensation Fund. Monies paid to Cruiseco are placed in a client account until disbursed to Principals.


Holidays provided by Cruiseco are available exclusively through member agents. They are not available either through non member agents or directly from Cruiseco Pty.Ltd.

Once you have decided on your holiday, simply ask your agent to book it with us. On confirmation of your booking, a written confirmation will be sent to your Travel Agent.

Usually an ‘option’ will be given for seven days. Sometimes if the booking is last minute or the cruise is very full the option will be for a shorter period. This will be identified at the time of booking.

Before the option expires it will be necessary for you to pay a deposit of $1,000.00 per person to secure your booking. This deposit secures your cruise berth, air seats and possibly, other arrangements held by us. Occasionally for longer or high value cruises, a larger deposit may be required that will be identified to you at the time of booking. If your booking is made within 75 days or departure, the final balance will be due immediately.

Failure to pay the deposit by the option due date, may result in the cancellation of your booking by the cruise company. This is actioned automatically by the Cruise Line’s Computer Reservations System, and is often difficult to amend or extend.


Your final payment must be received by the Shipping Company no later than 65 days prior to travel. We therefore ask that you settle your final account with your Cruiseco Travel Agent no later than 75 days before sailing. Occasionally for extended cruises this may be even earlier, but this will be identified to you at the time of booking. 

This early payment enables the Shipping Company to complete Immigration and Customs formalities with the many countries that you visit, as well as making sure that sufficient fresh foods and other stores are purchased en route for the exact amount of passengers travelling.


Shipping companies will usually wait until all passengers have finalised payment, immigration and registration formalities and completed on board passenger information forms before starting to finalise tickets. This will mean that tickets will usually be available 14 to 20 days before travel. If you are travelling extensively before your cruise starts, this may be even closer to your departure date.


Because of the extensive documentation required by your Cruise Line, it is imperative that the information that we receive is correct and exactly as per your passport. It is easy to make a mistake if you have been married since your passport insurance or you are commonly known by a first name, that is not your full name (e.g. Liz for Elizabeth, Bill for William etc.) If your airline ticket or cruise ticket has to be reissued to comply with your passport details, there are often reissue fees that will be charged to you.


In the unfortunate event that you should have to cancel your holiday, we must be notified in writing. The day that we receive this notice in writing, will be considered the date that your cancellation has been made.

Certain cancellation fees apply to your holiday if cancelled after a deposit or final payment has been made. These cancellation fees will be levied by the shipping company and, possibly, the airline and other suppliers, and will be greater the closer to your travel date that you cancel. You should check very carefully with your Travel Agent what these fees are, before you make your booking.

In addition to cancellation fees levied by Principals, Cruiseco Pty. Ltd. will charge a cancellation fee of $100.00 per person to cover the cost of our time and communication involved in the reservation and cancellation of your travel arrangements. Your Travel Agent has also invested time and costs in advising and making your reservations and you should discuss their fees with them, at the time of making your booking.

Additional fees are levied by Cruiseco on all Cruiseco chartered products, please refer to the relevant charter brochure for full terms and conditions.


It is important that you plan your holiday thoroughly before making your reservations. We understand however, that you may decide on additional or alternative arrangements after your holiday has been confirmed and deposit paid. For the first amendment to your itinerary, Cruiseco will request no charges. Second and additional itinerary changes will incur a communications fee of $25.00 per change. Before changing your itinerary, please check carefully with your Travel Agent that there are no fees being levied by Principals that may increase these costs. 

In the case of Cruiseco charter products, Cruiseco acts as the principle and additional amendment fees may be due to Cruiseco, please refer to the applicable Cruiseco charter brochure for schedule of fees.


Fly/Cruise holidays have the outstanding advantage that all your meals, entertainment and travel are inclusive, once abroad your cruise liner. However, there are also charges that are additional to your basic holiday cost and you should be informed of these, at the time of booking your holiday.

Airport Taxes – levied by airports around the world and charged as a supplementary cost on your ticket.

Port Charges – levied by the port authorities at each destination of your cruise and charged to you separately by the shipping line.

Gratuities – charged by some shipping companies as a compulsory prepaid supplement and identified separately as a supplement on your invoice.

Passports and visas.

Insurance – Please ask your Travel Agent for advice on this.

Items of a personal nature such as beverages, postage, telephone calls, shore excursions etc.

Accommodation en route – it is possible that flight schedules or availability may require you to overnight before or after your cruise, which is a supplementary cost to be borne by yourself.


Many of the components of your fly/cruise holiday are purchased in foreign currency. Fluctuations between the value of this currency and the Australian Dollar sometimes occur which require us to change the Australian Dollar conversion cost of your holiday.

At the time of sending your confirmation to your Travel Agent the Australian Dollar will be honoured, if full payment is made within seven days. At any time after this, we reserve the right to amend the cost of your holiday if currency rates fluctuate. At the time of making your final payment to your Travel Agent, you should confirm the cost of your holiday with your Travel Agent.

A cruise line may, for any reasonable cause, impose charges in addition to the fare quoted at any time prior to the date of sailing to be paid by the Passenger prior to embarkation.


Generally speaking Cruiseco only offers international holidays which are not subject to GST. If your Travel Agent is providing you with domestic travel or accommodation prior to or on the completion of your Cruiseco arrangements, these may be subject to GST and this is not included.


The airlines participating with our Fly/Cruise holidays do not, by virtue of their endorsement of our holidays, represent themselves as either contracting with any purchase of a holiday from Cruiseco or as having any other relationship with any such purchaser.


Cruiseco endeavours to make the information on this website as accurate as possible. We do, however, reserve the right to correct inaccuracies should they occur. Please note that all pricing and holiday inclusions displayed on this site are subject to change and availability at time of booking.


Please note that different payment schedules and requirements (for deposits, partial and final payments), and different cancellation policies apply to any Cruiseco charter booking. Please refer to your confirmation invoice or the Cruiseco charter brochure for more information relevant to your particular booking.