Indian Ocean Destination

Indian Ocean With an abundance of powder-white beaches lapped by warm, azure waters, the Indian Ocean is the perfect place to getaway for a tropical island escape or eco-tourist retreat. A large expanse of water stretching from Australia across to South Africa and up to India, tourists visiting [...]

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New Zealand Destination

New Zealand Beautiful white and black sand beaches, volcanoes and glaciers, cool, clear lakes and boiling mud pools, temperate rainforests and snow-capped mountains. Discover all this and more in New Zealand. Comprising of two main islands, New Zealand is a relatively small country but crams plenty into its [...]

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Caribbean Destination

The Caribbean A blissfully idyllic part of the world with a laid-back vibe that will have you relaxed in no time. Made up of stunning islands and beaches with a mix of British, French, Dutch and Spanish influence. With white sand beaches and sapphire blue waters, a holiday [...]

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Antarctica Destination

Antarctica Only a privileged few get to experience the untamed and desolate beauty of this vast, untouched area of icy plains, jagged mountains and pristine wilderness. Once part of Gondwana, the super-continent that separated millions of years ago to form the five continents on earth today, Antarctica is [...]

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Australia Destination

Australia One of the most remote countries in all the world and arguably one of the most beautiful. With varied and unique natural beauty, stunning coastline, cosmopolitan cities and fresh and tasty cuisine. This Great Southern Land is as varied as it is huge, and as unique as [...]

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Europe Destination

Europe Europe offers a melting-pot of fascinating cultures, ancient history and beautiful architecture, artwork, picturesque villages and spectacular countryside - all bundled up in a compact little package. A holiday in Europe offers something for everyone. With little distance between each of the countries, exploring it is so [...]

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Asia Destination

Asia Most of us have sampled Asian cuisine, some even dine out regularly at their favourite Thai or Japanese restaurant!  It is now time to go and discover the origins of the dishes we have come to know and love. Try the Nasi Goreng in Bali or a [...]

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Africa Destination

Africa Whether you're wanting to travel to Southern or Northern Africa, it is truly an experience you will never forget.  This continent is as diverse in landscape as are the people.  Experience a safari in Botswana, take the Garden Route in South Africa, witness the Mass Migration in [...]

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