What makes our tours stand out?

Leisurely 2, 3, 4 and even 7 night stops
Small groups, with a more personal style of touring
Genuinely inclusive, with no additional ‘on tour’ optional extras
Tours designed for Australians and New Zealanders
Stay in character hotels in superb locations
See more and experience more of Europe

Our tours are designed for you – Australians and New Zealanders

Albatross Tours have created tours specifically for people like you travelling to the far side of the world, and wanting more from their escorted coach tour than a few hurried, all too brief visits and repetitive, long intercity drives. That is why we ensure the touring pace is always so much more sensible! Longer stays in each destination provide you with far more time for sightseeing, and a more fulfilling overall touring experience. That is also why we make sure each tour is genuinely inclusive, with no additional ‘on tour’ costs. We know Australians and New Zealanders can be uneasy with tipping, so we have included all ‘on tour’ gratuities and end of tour tips.

We include two, three, four and even five night stays in each captivating city and region. One night stops are avoided where possible, and some days are left completely free – for the simple pleasure of it!

Our programmes are always packed with numerous included sightseeing excursions and extras, but we still ensure you have quality leisure time to relax and savour your surroundings.

Enjoy longer stays with 2, 3, 4 and even up to 7 night stops

Everybody hates unpacking their bags every evening, and then having to re-pack them again early the next morning. That is why, apart from possibly the first or last night of the tour, there are virtually no ‘one night stops’ on any of our programmes. Instead, we make sure our tours always have a much more sensible pace by including two, three, four and even seven night stays in each captivating city or region.

Yes, our programmes are always packed with numerous included sightseeing excursions and extras, but we still ensure you have quality leisure time to relax and savour your surroundings. We have even left some days completely free – for the simple pleasure of it!

We strongly urge you to compare our average daily driving distances with those of any other similar tours on the market! You will be amazed at the significant difference, and that difference equates to your valuable time not being wasted!

See more and experience more with Albatross

With our multi night stays, much better touring pace and full, included touring agenda, you will see and experience so much more of the real Europe.

When we design our tours we first look at each region and we ask what must be done, what can be done, and what should be done. Our objective is to give you a more rewarding experience and allow you time to ‘stay a while’ and savour the destination. We then break these down into carefully balanced touring days. Some days might have quite conventional visits to towns and cities. On other days we will add activities that are distinctly provincial, maybe quirky or possibly even something for the simple pleasure of it.

For example in the south of France we drive to the fishing village of Cassis and board a boat to enjoy a morning cruise along the Cote d’Azur. Here we explore the fjord like Calanques. These spectacular inlets are UNESCO World Heritage listed and a ‘must do’ visit. On a visit to Mount Etna in Sicily, we not only take the cable car up to the restaurant and museum at 2500 metres, we then travel further by 4WD bus up to the viewing crater area at 2900 metres. Imagine standing on the highest active volcano in Europe!

And remember these activities are already included, they are never sold as optional extras and they never happen at the expense of your free time. Mae West once said “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!” We agree!

Albatross Tours offer genuinely inclusive tours!

Albatross tours are genuinely inclusive and include all of those special excursions and visits, sightseeing tours and feature dinners. We even include the end of tour tips to your tour manager and driver! You will not be charged on your tour for special ‘optional’ excursions such as a feature dinner or entry to an attraction such as Neuschwanstein Castle. Why? We believe these expensive hidden extras usually costing over $100 per person per day are entirely predictable so we have already included them in our tour price. This means you will find it far easier to budget for your daily holiday expenses and you will have complete transparency on where you money is going.

We encourage you to compare our tour prices on a cost per day basis, and take into consideration that Albatross Tours have NO additional ‘on tour’ costs. Rest assured, by the time you get back home and walk back through your front door you will not have paid any more.

Small groups – a maximum of 28 people on our European Summer Tours!*

We limit the maximum size of each of our European Summer group departures to just 28 travellers*. In fact our average group size is just 22 on our European Summer Tours.

There are so many benefits to travelling in a small group. Naturally less time is wasted getting on and off the coach and there are always a noticeable number of spare seats when travelling. Another significant benefit is the swifter, priority access you will have to all the attractions and special events. A more manageable group size leads to a higher level of personal service from your Tour Manager. Simply put, everything is just much more personal.

Our small groups can stay in hotels chosen for their style, character and location – authentic hotels that larger tour groups often cannot consider staying in. Dining out is also more enjoyable as we can use delightful local restaurants rather than standard, larger group establishments.

All European Summer tours are capped at only 28 travellers. Albatross Tours Christmas or ANZAC tours carry up to 40 travellers.

Stay in character style hotels in superb locations

At Albatross, we know how important where you stay is. Your enjoyment will be wonderfully enhanced by staying in a delightful family run Gasthof hotel with balconies that have window boxes bursting with geraniums, or a beautifully renovated cave room reminiscent of the ‘Flintstones’, or a superb ancient castle dating back centuries. Would you rather return home telling tales of having woken in a 500 year old Inn as opposed to staying in a standard, modern glass and concrete ‘block’ and feeling you could literally be anywhere? We think you would!

George Bernard Shaw once said, “I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad.” Mr Shaw was so right. This makes so much sense to us. In fact, where possible, we purposefully avoid those large, impersonal, international chain hotels cloned around the world. Why on earth would we want to stay in one of those?

In addition to centrally located city hotels, we purposefully aim to stay in a variety of authentic regional hotels with character and charm. In properties with a regional style or ambience, sometimes ‘olde worlde’, or simply elegant with nostalgia, and sometimes with surprises and where every room is different.

Book an Albatross Tour with Confidence

Book our tours with confidence! If you book and deposit on any of our tours, as long as there are just 10 or more people travelling onyour designated group departure, we guarantee it will travel. Please refer to our booking conditions for details.