We’ve reviewed our advice for Myanmar and continue to advise do not travel to Myanmar. Violence, including explosions and attacks, can occur anywhere and anytime, including in Yangon. Attacks may be planned against locations that foreigners frequent, including public spaces and civilian infrastructure. Attacks are unpredictable in their location and intensity. Remain aware of the security environment at all times. Minimise movement, especially on anniversaries and days of national significance, and monitor media closely. There’ve been widespread detentions, including of foreigners. Australians may be at risk of arbitrary detention. Be aware of offers of employment that appear ‘too good to be true’. Foreign nationals have been trafficked into Myanmar (either directly into Yangon or via a neighbouring country) and forced to work in fraudulent activity, with poor pay and living conditions, restrictions on movement, and severe mistreatment. (See Safety).

We continue to advise:

Do not travel to Myanmar due to the dangerous security situation and the threat of civil unrest and armed conflict.


We've reviewed our advice for Turkmenistan and continue to advise, reconsider your need to travel. Higher levels apply. You need a visa for Turkmenistan, even if you're only transiting. Get a visa before you arrive, and don't overstay your visa, as there are penalties...

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We've reviewed our travel advice for Angola and continue to advise exercise a high degree of caution. You don't need a visa to visit Angola as a tourist. For all other travel, apply for a visa online with Angola's Serviço de Migração (see 'Travel'). We advise:...

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We've reviewed our advice for Tunisia and continue to advise exercise a high degree of caution overall due to the threat of terrorism. Higher levels apply in some areas. Protests, demonstrations and strikes can occur throughout Tunisia with little or no warning and...

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