Solomon Islands

Honiara will host the 2023 Pacific Games between 19 November and 3 December. There’s likely to be extra demands on local infrastructure and resources, as well as traffic congestion. Make early preparations if you are visiting Honiara during this time. (See ‘Travel’).

Political unrest can happen in Honiara during sittings of Parliament, elections and times of political uncertainty. Demonstrations can turn violent quickly. Avoid protests and political gatherings.
Solomon Islands can experience extreme weather. The cyclone season is from November to May. Follow updates and instructions from local authorities, such as the Solomon Islands Meteorological Service.

Mobile and internet services can be limited in some areas. Have a backup communications plan.

The hyperbaric chamber in Honiara is currently out of operation. If you experience decompression sickness (DCS) as a result of scuba diving, specialised transport will be required to transfer you to another country for treatment.

We advise:

Exercise normal safety precautions in Solomon Islands overall.

Higher levels apply in some areas.


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