On 10 September Storm Daniel struck Eastern Libya resulting in severe flooding and causing significant damage to critical infrastructure, including hospitals and telecommunications networks. Follow the advice of local authorities including curfews. We continue to advise do not travel to Libya. If you’re in Libya and it’s safe to do so, leave as soon as possible. Monitor the website and social media of airlines and airports for available flights. We can’t advise you on the safety of departure options. Due to the ongoing unrest, our ability to provide consular services is severely limited. Contact the Embassy in Rome if you require consular assistance.

We continue to advise:

Do not travel to Libya due to ongoing fighting, unstable security, and the high threat of terrorist attack and kidnapping.


We've reviewed our advice for Turkmenistan and continue to advise, reconsider your need to travel. Higher levels apply. You need a visa for Turkmenistan, even if you're only transiting. Get a visa before you arrive, and don't overstay your visa, as there are penalties...

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We've reviewed our travel advice for Angola and continue to advise exercise a high degree of caution. You don't need a visa to visit Angola as a tourist. For all other travel, apply for a visa online with Angola's Serviço de Migração (see 'Travel'). We advise:...

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We've reviewed our advice for Lesotho and continue to advise exercise a high degree of caution due to the threat of violent crime. Pay close attention to your personal security and the current health situation. Monitor the media and follow the advice of authorities...

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