Milestone birthdays – they’re often a good reason to pause and ask yourself “what’s next on my bucket list”? Recently, Tim Weaver, did just that when he celebrated an important birthday.

Supported by family and friends, Tim decided his birthday this year would be best spent jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, so he made the trip from Cairns to Lilydale Airport near the Yarra Valley in Victoria where he took the leap of his life – a tandem skydive jump at 14,000 feet with Skydive the Beach and Beyond.

On the day of Tim’s jump it was a beautiful clear day with fine weather and a breeze of around 15 knots. His instructor was a Kiwi named Sam who, in Tim’s words, “did a great job of packing the chute, throwing us in a head-over-heels jump from the aircraft, a free-fall of god-knows how far, a multiple anti-clock-wise horizontal spin, a gradual float and descent to a very easy, bum-first landing”.


Tim and his instructor Sam enjoy the spectacular view of the Yarra Valley.

Together with his instructor, Tim experienced a breathtaking, picture-perfect view of the Yarra Valley showing the vineyards and farms that studded the landscape.

“What can I say except this guy Sam and the outfit, they are true professionals in every way. So I’d recommend, when you’re next in Melbourne, head out to Lilydale Airport and Jump!”


There’s not much you can do but smile when you’re at 14,000 feet!

Skydive the Beach and Beyond have a number of different drop zones throughout Victoria. Book through Business & Leisure Travel to add a skydive to your travel package, or contact them direct if you’re already in the area:
Skydive the Beach and Beyond
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